Social Media

If I blog on your behalf (see Blogging), I can also compose tweets and posts for your Twitter account, Facebook Page or LinkedIn feed, using information from your blog or news from your industry or community. This add-on service will help you stay in touch with your customers, reach potential new followers, and encourage the social share and interaction that will boost your online presence.

Twitter is a fantastic tool for raising your profile and aligning yourself with a community of like-minded companies or individuals. Its power to reach a huge audience in a very short time is unprecedented, allowing you to share your news and boost your profile in a cost efficient way. But, while a tweet may only be 140 characters long, it still takes precious time to choose its content and create a snappy line of text.

Facebook Pages allow you to flag up new blog posts, circulate news updates, publicise events, competitions and giveaways, and share internet content that has caught your eye or is relevant to your business. This builds brand personality and demonstrates that you are an active and responsive company. Posts are published straight to your followers’ feeds which, at the very least, will keep your brand on their radar in a non-intrusive way. But if you share content that is really valuable or entertaining, you will also win their loyalty and keep their custom. Facebook Pages also help drive traffic to your website.

LinkedIn is a business-to-business networking site that allows you to reach out to other people in your industry and those connected to it. It is more serious than other social media sites and a professional tone of voice and intelligent interaction are required to really get the best from it. Whether you have a personal profile, a Company Page, or both, this is the place for industry-related blog posts, mutual endorsements and recommendations, and discussions with like-minded professionals.

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