Content Writing

I can provide written content for your website pages, from brand, service and product descriptions, to staff biographies, in-depth information, and advice.
I specialise in feature articles and long copy – the engaging, insightful and shareable content that customers find invaluable and search engines love.

Why your website needs more content

• A website with plenty of original, relevant written content allows many opportunities to mention SEO (search engine optimisation) keywords – and their grammatical variations – in a natural, organic way. This will vastly enhance your SEO provision and improve your internet search ranking. Although SEO is an inexact science, many experts believe that search engines tend towards a preference for longer copy and that in-depth articles that share knowledge and insight get more shares and links than short superficial ones. Certainly, SEO ‘hacks’ and short-cuts will no longer cut the mustard and may even get you blacklisted by Google.

• Information that is intriguing and useful to know is likely to be shared by your readers. Not only will social share spread the word about your business but it will also catch Google’s eye – real relationships built over social media are now absolutely key for improved rankings.

• While keeping Google happy is important, the people you ultimately need to impress are your potential customers. Your website is often your first point of contact and a wealth of sparkling, well written copy should help to convince them that you are a professional, knowledgeable and friendly business with impeccable customer service. They will want to read clear, concise information about your brand, service or products and find answers to their queries – this is your chance to state who you are, what you do and why they should choose you over your competitors.

• Website pages allow you to address the pain points felt by your customers and explain how you can fix them. If you convince your readers that you can solve their problems, there is a good chance that they will convert their browsing into action and take the next step to buying your product or service.

Why choose The Wordy House

• After working for many years on lifestyle magazines (including Vogue, Marie Claire, Cath Kidston, Brides, John Lewis Edition and British Airways High Life), I have experience of a range of subjects including interiors, culture, entertainment, travel, fashion, beauty, weddings, parenting, relationships, careers and education.

• I understand how to use language within the sphere of digital communication and will write compelling, well structured copy that will keep your customers reading and tell them everything they need to know about your business or products.

• I write with SEO in mind while ensuring that articles are fluent and are easy to read. I can structure articles in a web-friendly format and will write titles, headlines, sub-heads, alt text and meta descriptions that incorporate your keywords in a natural way.

• I’m a grammar geek who will ensure that no errors of spelling, syntax or punctuation undermine your message or credibility.

• I offer a bespoke, flexible service that can be adapted to suit your business needs.

Contact me for further information, including prices.